Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded comes from Jaleco in Japan. It was made in Japan on the year 1987 and made it’s way to the United States on 1988. Bases Loaded was more advanced than most baseball games for the NES at the time, it had a full roster for 12 teams and a dynamic behind the pitcher view.

Graphics & Gameplay

For 1987’s standards, Graphics for Bases Loaded are excellent. Player detail during an at bat is above average. Field view is somewhere between average and above average, the players on that view look smaller compared to other NES baseball games. The umpires wear blue shoes, that’s strange. The Jumbotron graphics are great for 1987, showing animations for home runs and relief pitchers. In this game, the relief pitchers ride shotgun on a buggy.


Gameplay for Bases Loaded comes simple. You can swing the bat to different angles; you can swing your average swing, or swing low or high. Fielder movement is auto if you don’t move the fielders yourself; however, throwing the ball is on you. An interesting flaw in this game is when the fielder is running with the ball, his legs don’t move and it appears the fielder is skating on the baseball field.

Bases Loaded



Sans the ‘skating’ baseball players, one of the famous glitches in this game is the disembodied catcher’s mitt, you can throw the ball way off and the catcher will catch it, wow! Another glitch I ran into is when I hit a potential GIDP (grounded into double play) and although the CPU threw the ball to second base and first, it seems that both the second and first baseman forgot to touch the bases. Good for me.


Other info

As said, there are rosters in Bases Loaded, each player has ratings and their own strengths and weaknesses, find more info here. The umpire’s names are hilarious as hell! Here they are: Yuk, Dum, Boo and Bum. That may explain why the double play I ran into didn’t count. Reminds me of this!

Bases Loaded was one of those games I never got in front of during the good ole days, I was a Baseball Simulator guy. I like to play this more often now.

Bases Loaded is also available for the Wii U Virtual Console.