Extra Innings is something made in Japan before it was translated and made it here to the United States in 1992. This game is somewhat similar to Super Baseball Simulator, minus the special plays the Ultra teams have. You also have a pennant race which can go as small as 10 games or a long 130 game season. If you’re a stat-loving mofo like myself, your going to be disappointed. Extra Innings doesn’t keep player stats. Just wins and losses.


Extra Innings offers superb graphics for the SNES while the controls are average for a 16-bit baseball game. The game offers a wind meter as well, something missing from Super Baseball Simulator 1.000. The odd thing is fielding positions are listed as numbers on the scoreboard, such as 1 for pitcher, 2 for catcher, opposed to P, C, LF, RF. As baseball games advanced from NES to SNES, you can expect to relive your starting pitcher. You also provide pinch hitters and fielding substitutions.
Extra Innings
Extra Innings offers three different stadiums, including a king sized park where the big men would have a hard time hitting it out of the park, but would allow many inside-the-park homers for the speedy dudes. Minus the idea that this does not carry player stats, this game is fun to play. Very good for a 16-bit!