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This game is not a console game; it’s an online game that is more management-type. Small Ball started in 2000-01, with the focus of being the manager during off-game decisions. You have a team of twelve players, nine on the field and three reserves. Since this game was introduced to the world in 2000, we decided to add it to the retro list.


Training and “Controls”

The only time you have control of your team is during Trainer or Deluxe Trainer (free on Fridays or $19.95 for unlimited use). For Trainer, you have 10 players practice on the field with two on standby. When you click on a player on the field, other players will begin to throw to the selected player in order to increase his individual catch and throw rating. Also in trainer, it’s only one batter at a time.

Deluxe training has the field, three types of batting (contact, power, and skill), pitcher cage (measures mph), throw measuring for outfielders, and a throw circle for infielders and also a running track. All the tools needed to better advance the ratings of your players. Team ratings go by stars; you can get up to 10 stars. Teams can advance their ratings by training or playing games. While training, if you see the magic stars fly above your player, that indicates your player has advanced in a particular or all ratings.

Options and Opinions

SmallBall is free to play, but like most online games, it has some paid upgrades. You can find them on the Small Ball Mall. Each season is two weeks long. As of late March 2017, we are at season 423.

The company who made SmallBall is AndNow. However, the domain for AndNow had expired. Also, both the Facebook and Twitter accounts of SmallBall have been inactive since the summer of 2016. The forums are active though and you can get help from there.

The website hasn’t been updated since 2007, and it presents a review from TechTV. Well, some of those folks are now on Twit.Tv. According to a forum post in Late March 2017, SmallBall will have a presence within the Nintendo Switch.

If you are into baseball management games, SmallBall is something spend a half-hour every couple of days, you won’t be investing too much time on this while trying to climb the ladder. However, the management is not as advanced as say Baseball Mogul or Out of the Park. SmallBall is a starter baseball management game with the retro look and without some of the advanced items you need to pay attention to. It’s lazy management as I like to call it.

Give it a try.


“I watch a lot of baseball on radio.” 

-Gerald Ford