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This game can be quite comparable to Base Wars from the NES. Although I sort of bashed Base Wars, I did state that I love the concept of it. Yet, with Super Baseball 2020, which is six years away from when I put this article together, I don’t see MLB catching up with this futuristic style of Baseball in that short time (lame joke). Unlike Base Wars, Super Baseball 2020 does not including fighting with the close calls. It does, however, have robot umpires who do a better job as an umpire than a human being (supposedly). It does remind me of the Jim Joyce incident.

Super Baseball 2020

Make that money!

Money is gained while playing Super Baseball 2020, you get $100 for a putout, $1,000 for a strike out, $300 for a single, $4,000 for a solo home run, etc, etc, etc. You may want to spend as much money as you can during the game because in season play. The cash doesn’t overflow, you’re back to zero at a new game. Similar to the old cellphone plans back in the early 2000s, and I fell victim to that due to Sprint. So spend that money on upgrades on that game while you can.
This game does have some issues though as shown on Wikipedia, take a look: Here.

Also, Continue played the game:

When playing this, you’ll likely see less low-scoring games. I played this and I got beat 20-10. Maybe I suck at this game? Perhaps.