Super Bases Loaded II Title Screen

Quick Note: Thanks to Video Gaming 4 U for the video where I took the screenshots, I had some troubles.

SBL II rings a bell for me due to an early YouTuber who went by the name of DrP1zza. He was well known more for cracking WrestleMania 2000 and made his own fictional wrestling league, he also made his own team on Super Bases Loaded 2 and did a couple of 45-game leagues on broadcast with his own commentary. Sadly, Dr. P1zza had some issues going with his opinion vids which was the big cause for him to be stalked online; he had since got rid of most of his vids. Some info on his SBL II games can be found here.

Super Bases Loaded 2 was released in Japan in 1993, and then translated with different teams in 1994. No MLB License is included in this one, just 14 regular teams, 2 all-star teams and four custom teams for your imagination, all based in Illinois. However, you cannot change the custom team’s location, you can play as Aurora, where Wayne’s World was based in. Dr. Pizza did so when he made his movies. It has a season mode where you can play 13, 45, 84, 123 or a full 162-game season. You can play all-star mode and also watch games.


Gameplay & Graphics

When it comes to graphics, Super Bases Loaded 2 has his ups and downs. The upside is the 3D-prespective the game has within some moments where the ball is in play; grounders and some lineouts will have the camera follow where the ball goes. Most fly balls go to a Goodyear Blimp view. The proper batters jersey number appears on their backs during the at-bat view. The minuses with the graphics hat the majority of them aren’t just up to par with most SNES games. One item I would like to point out is during an at bat, the center fielders head is just a small pixel square. The player detail looks a little crummy and when hitting a home run with the 3D view, it looks like the crowd is more like a wall. Not to mention that the crowd is a bunch of dots.
Super Bases Loaded II
With the pitching, this game is more realistic than many in both the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. For example, a ball that leaves the pitchers hand does curve in line with the batter’s box, but does not curve back to the plate; this was something you could do with most NES games and a few SNES games. With batting, I’d say its descent and I have seen info leading to this game being considered an easy game, I had a hard time. My first game playing as Detroit against Los Angeles, I had a 2-0 lead until the 6th inning where L.A. got nine runs on me, then two on the seventh. My second game, I lost 16-0 and I got one hit, third, lost 2-9, and both runs were bases loaded singles and in the 4th, 6-0 loss. Obviously, I really suck at this game.



Super Bases Loaded 2, besides the idea that I’m terrible at it, is likeable. Yes, the graphics are not SNES worthy but just a little past NES quality. Plus, the mid 90s were a time when console games got the option of a full 162-game season and people ran to the stores to pick those games up when that option was available.