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Released in 1995, the sequel to RBl Baseball arrived to the SNES. It had a MLBPA License and also champion teams from 1989-1994. Super RBI Baseball just like it’s predecessor, had rosters and ratings. However, there wasn’t much improvement in the rating system.


Graphics & Options

Super RBI Baseball has exhibition, season and playoffs. The season mode only holds wins & losses and does not keep track of player & team statistics. Super RBI Baseball goes by password and not by battery. Same dilemma with the SNES version of MLBPA Baseball. Another interesting option in this game is Park Tour, where a player gets a overhead view of the ballpark.

Player animations are above average with the notable detail on the pitcher delivery. It’s one of the few good things in the game with it’s many flaws. Another good pointer is the realistic crowd and the animation that goes along to them.

The umpires have big pot bellies and their shirts are the same color of the team playing defense. An item of my own personal annoyance is the “grid” on the field during batter view. That’s doing a little damage to my OCD when I look at it.



Controls & Gameplay

The controls in this game are very poor in most factors. If you are going to play this game, have fielding control as automatic (pointer sisters). On automatic, you control the fielder after he gets his hand on the ball. Base running is at your control and the players don’t respond well when you press the right buttons to command them to go back after a fly out.

Super RBI Baseball Donald Trump

Is that Donald Trump in the crowd?

The batting difficulty in Super RBI Baseball is between moderate and difficult, I found it best to stay as far back in the batters box as possible, I got some hits on that. Bunting in this game has the same idea with Baseball Simulator 1.000, where the catcher doesn’t go after the ball. I was able to score a few runs by bunting.

A bad A.I. blooper with bunting is when you have RISP (runners in scoring position) and a guy on 1st, the pitcher once he fields the ball, he will throw to 2nd base. Regardless if you have a fast guy running to 2nd and Leonard Lawrence running to home. Be sure not to bunt the ball on the path on 3rd base to home, the pitcher can tag you out before he throws to 2nd. In addition to that, if you are going to play this game with just bunts, don’t use my hometown Detroit Tigers.

Pitching Hints

Pitching is the best quality here and if done right without totally fatiguing your pitcher, you can get many strikeouts. For a right-handed batter: while pitching, press up and tap left before the ball is released to throw a bouncer curving left. The batter whiffs at it 90% of the time.

For the left-handed batter, same scenario only you tap right before the release. I was able to get 14 strikeouts in a game.



Super RBI Baseball is very crappy altogether which is a bummer because I really wanted to like this game. You’re better off playing RBl Baseball instead.