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Among NES games, Tecmo was well known for Tecmo Bowl, the big Tecmo Super Bowl and Tecmo NBA Basketball. NES also had Tecmo Baseball, but it wasn’t as advanced as Tecmo Super Bowl or Tecmo NBA Basketball.

I have previously stated that RBI Baseball was Tecmo Baseball on steroids. Tecmo Baseball was released in 1988 to dismal, but they definitely would learn to make better games.



Tecmo Super Baseball was released in 1994 for both Super NES and Sega Genesis. Like most Tecmo sports games released in the 8-bit and 16-bit world, Tecmo Super Baseball the same familiar font and display that most of their games have. The menu music in this game is pleasant, an early 90s hip-hop version of Take Me Out To The Ball Game. I wonder if Vin Scully would dig it?

Tecmo Super Baseball carries a MLBPA license and contains the 25-man roster for each team in 1993. You have the option to play as a manager by selecting coach mode, or as it says on the screen: “COA.”


Gameplay & Graphics

When playing this game through an emulator, the crowd ambiance sounds more like a bad noise tape. But after watching a few videos on YouTube, it was the fault of the emulator. I never played Tecmo Super Baseball before this and I wondered if they actually released the game to have the crowd to yell death growls.

When it comes to graphics, the player and baseball field are average for 16-bit games. The crowd looks like a slew of red and blue square pixels and the dugouts are invisible, unless you select pitcher view during an at bat (which can be toggled by pressing Start). You can tell a home run due to a tune being played when the bat hits the ball. Tecmo Super Baseball shows CPU substitutions, just like Super Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo NBA Basketball. Like all 16-bit Tecmo Sports games, roster portraits are included in Tecmo Super Baseball.




I don’t know if it’s me but the fielding throws are off. I would try to throw to 2nd base or go to the catcher. Or I’ll throw to 1st and it would go to 2nd. I later learned that you just press the throw button and the fielder automatically throws to the first baseman or with the scenario of a weakly batted ball with runners on 2nd and 1st, the fielder will sometimes throw to 2nd. However, I never got a double play myself.



Tecmo Super Baseball is an average game for the 16-bit sports category, nothing more, nothing less. I do have to give a thumbs up on the menu theme.