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The Triple Play series started in 1995 from EA Sports and then renamed it to MVP Baseball around 2002-2003. Besides Sega Genesis, Triple Play made it to PC, Game Boy Color and Playstation. But the strange thing with the Triple Play series as mentioned is each release would come out one year too early, meaning that Triple Play 96 was released in 1995. Triple Play 2000 was released in 1999. Acclaim Sports All-Star Baseball series also shared the same dilemma, All-Star Baseball 2003 for Playstation 2 and GameCube was released in 2002, and use the 2001 rosters. The announcers also reference 2001 quite a lot in that game. I suppose we can call this (cue in thunder and a dark organ sound): “The Triple Play Dilemma.

Yes, I know, that wasn’t funny.

Considering the license to Triple Play 96, only the team names are used and the players are a mixed bag of players in 1995, legend ball players such as Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb (oddly, he is on Toronto), and also people who designed and programmed the game.

Triple Play 96 does have a create team function and you can also create players. However, the create player function is limited. You create his weight & height and a few other parts to him, but the ratings are created at random. You can select whether the player is a starter or a veteran, and it does the rest. If you want an entire team of your own players on the fly, Triple Play 96 is quite helpful with that.

Gameplay & Graphics

Gameplay graphics are very good with both batter/pitcher view (with the camera behind the batter) and overhead view when the ball is in play. Player detail is superior and also the crowd has actual people in it, including punk rockers with pink hair. Hell yeah! Really, I try not to be psychotic about the crowd in sports games made in 1997 and before, but I had to note that.

Triple Play 96 Crowd

The controls are easy to handle, nothing too harsh to deal with and won’t take you long to learn. Pitching offers you to toss a lot of different pitches, or as Detroit Tigers color commentator would say, having a great arsenal. But Triple Play does have pitcher ratings for the different pitches offered, while on the mound, if your pitcher has Fastball!!!, that means he can throw a mean fastball. The best pitches from that particular pitcher come with the amount of exclamation marks attached to it.

Triple Play 96 has general manager options at your disposal, you can make trades, release players, sign free agents, create players (as mentioned earlier) and a lot more. However, if you are going to download the rom, you might have some trouble. On the main menu, it’s nearly impossible to go to season or other options. Whoever put the rom together forgot to unplug a corrupted controller. The highlighted option in the main menu keeps going to Exhibition. But during gameplay, the controls go back to normal. No players running towards the outfield… strange.